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Passionate for sustainable agriculture

Cherry Grove Farm is a small family operation focused on providing the highest quality produce and pasture chickens grown on 9 acres in Teton Valley, Idaho.

We strive for happy, healthy animals and use sustainable, humane growing and processing methods for all of our products.

Come by the farm stand for the freshest strawberries, garlic, seasonal produce and more.

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Cherry Grove Farm was created by Cheryl and Carl Askegreen in 2023. Carl grew up raising herefords and Cheryl is a lifelong passionate gardener. After several years of farming in the Tetons we perfected our methods for growing high-altitude seasonal produce and pastured livestock, expanding our horizons to a full-scale operation located in Victor, Idaho.

At Cherry Grove Farm we strive to provide the highest quality foods in the most sustainable and pragmatic ways possible.  We are committed to ensure our community has access to healthy, nutritious and delicious food.

Starting small with a variety of crops, Cherry Grove Farm is working to expand to be a pasture poultry and produce provider for Teton Valley.  Creating a farm stand with a community focus, opening our doors and hosting community and family friendly events.


chicken pasture farm


Our chicken is the best you've ever tasted. We raise them humanely using the Joel Salatin method for pastured broilers, running our birds in covered "chicken tractors" that are moved to fresh grass every other day.

A covered structure protects our birds from aerial predator attacks. Moving them throughout the pasture provides them with fresh grass, bugs, and an interesting, humane life that refreshes the nutrients in our soils while providing them with a nutritious, varied diet that supplements our proprietary blend of local grain. 

Happy Chickens make healthy humans. We strive to provide the highest quality meat raised in the most humane and natural conditions. 

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We grow the hardiest fruits and vegetables that thrive in Teton Valley's climate. Using natural, locally sourced fertilizer and a keen attention to detail to grow all of our season produce. 

Our goal is to only feed our community what we want on our own plates.

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