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NRCS: High Tunnel Grant Recipient!


Funding for a greenhouse!

Over the moon! We are receiving funding from the Natural Resource Conservation Service for a high tunnel greenhouse!

This grant gives us the funding to purchase a 20'x60' high tunnel greenhouse. That's a HUGE amount of growing space! We will be making the purchase later in the spring to have the high tunnel installed by later summer, early fall of 2024.

Getting a high tunnel means that our 2025 growing season will start earlier, with the ability to start our vegetable plants indoors in early spring while there is still snow on the ground. That means we will be able to offer a Start Sale to our community, where families can purchase vegetable starts for their gardens too. We will be able to plant in our fields already mature and ready to grow veggies, making our harvests earlier and easier. We will also be able to grow warm-climate crops indoors, like cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs, and cut flowers. The possibilities of what we can produce and sell to our community has grown exponentially with this exciting grant gift from the NRCS.

Can't wait to show progress of building our high tunnel and what we will produce in it!


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