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We bought the Farm!


2023 was a wild ride.

We found out in February that we had to move from our little rented homestead in Teton Valley, where we had been growing our own food and farming on a farm scale.

We had 6 months to find a new place, and didn't know what would come to us, but we knew we wanted to keep farming in the valley. After months of searching, more months of paperwork and fundraising, we made our dreams come true! At the end of September 2023 we closed on our new 10 acre farm just around the corner from our old homestead.

Now the hard work begins of reviving our historic farm into a diverse, sustainable market farm. Our goal is to focus on strawberries and garlic as our main crops as we gain infrastructure and build soil health. We will also raise pastured livestock for meat sales. We have a short term goal of getting a greenhouse so we can start seeds indoors for a greater variety of produce.

Buying the farm is a dream come true!


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